Grow your list with Zendesk contacts import.


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Latest update: November 2, 2011

Zendesk Integration

Optimize your help-desk effectiveness and strengthen customer relationships by adding your Zendesk contacts to your mailing campaigns.

Import all the contacts from your Zendesk powered help-desk into your GetResponse campaign with just a few clicks.

Simply authorize your Zendesk account from inside your GetResponse account and the addresses will be added automatically.



All your contacts will be added to the GetResponse campaign you select, along with their personal details, which will be saved as custom fields. You can also tag your Zendesk contacts with a unique custom reference value for seamless source tracking and advanced segmentation.

Remember – because they are imported contacts, each will automatically receive a confirmation email, to help you avoid any legal issues, including spam flagging. All those who click the confirmation link will be added to your email list to receive future communications. Those who choose not to opt-in may simply ignore the email.


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