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Author: SalesForce integrator

Latest update: October 12, 2011

Salesforce Integration

Integrate your Salesforce contacts into your email marketing campaigns and send highly targeted offers to optimize your campaign results.


If you use a Salesforce account to manage your company’s interactions with customers, clients and prospects, and Salesforce technology to organize, automate and synchronize those business processes, this is a solution for you. You can now synchronize all those processes with your GetResponse email marketing solutions. Authorize your account in GetResponse integrations panel (all you need is your login details), then choose and customize the custom fields for download, select the campaign and you’re done. For more details follow our  blog tutorial.



Once the integration is complete, your contacts will start to import automatically, with all contact details saved as custom fields. To save you time and trouble, the contacts import will run automatically every seven days. If you only have a temporary account with Salesforce, and you don’t need the full integration with automated updates, you can access the Salesforce integration from the Imports panel: Add contacts icon>Another Service and use the one-time import option.

Please note that the custom field “Subscription source” for the contacts added via the integration will be defined as “Import”, and the subscription settings (double vs. single opt-in) will be based on the current campaign settings (more information about campaign settings: