Integrate your Salesforce contacts into your email marketing campaigns


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Latest update: February 26, 2016

GetResponse for Salesforce

With our GetResponse Salesforce integration, you can synchronize your data accurately, build campaigns, segment subscribers, send personalized messages, and more.

This intuitive integration will help you organize your database and keep your activity data consistent across your sales and marketing systems.


– Complete a bi-directional sync of your GetResponse subscribers and Salesforce leads, contacts and campaign members using a single sign-in.

– Upload GetResponse subscribers to your Salesforce account as leads.

– Use Salesforce to view the status of GetResponse newsletters and reports and determine which emails have been sent to individual contacts.

After installing GetResponse for Salesforce, you’ll be able to:

– Synchronize your GetResponse subscribers with Salesforce using manual sync or by scheduling automatic sync daily, every 3 days, or every 7.

– Upload GetResponse subscribers as Salesforce leads.
– Create new GetResponse campaigns and contacts using Salesforce.
– Synchronize up to 100 custom fields in your GetResponse and Salesforce accounts.
– Segment your audience and send personalized, tailored messages using Salesforce.
– Use GetResponse templates and drafts in Salesforce.
– Build queries for contacts, leads, and campaign members.
– Add selected contacts and leads to a GetResponse campaign.
– Send newsletters to groups of subscribers or individual leads and contacts.
– View individual contacts and GetResponse emails they have received.
– Use advanced analytics to measure effectiveness and generate reports.


In order to properly use the GetResponse integration you will need a GetResponse account. This integration works on the GetResponse Max and Enterprise accounts and runs on Salesforce Enterprise edition or up.

To use the Max account you will need an API key only.

To use the Enterprise account you will need the API key, the account’s URL and you have to specify whether your account is a US account or non-US account.

Your GetResponse API key can be found in the Account Details tab.

Click here to download the app.



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