Gain insight into the quality & deliverability of each email address on your list.


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Author: Kickbox

Latest update: March 26, 2017


Kickbox Email Verification

Kickbox ensures you only send email to real users and helps you separate the low-quality addresses from high-value contacts. Protect your sender reputation, increase conversions, eliminate bounces and save money with Kickbox.


You spend a lot of time and resources building the perfect email campaign and growing your email list. When was the last time you verified your list? A successful email campaign starts with quality data.


Kickbox Results

Kickbox email verification helps you identify which email addresses are deliverable, undeliverable and which ones have quality issues (disposable email address, role addresses, etc). Kickbox makes it easy to remove invalid and low-quality email addresses, improving your overall email deliverability and maximizing ROI.



How It Works

For each email address that Kickbox verifies, our system communicates directly with the mail server to determine if the mailbox is valid. We take the technical information and provide that to you in a much more readable format. Kickbox also provides a unique Sendex™ score to help score your leads based on the quality of the email address. Empowered with this data you can easily drive segmentation decisions and increase the performance of your email campaigns.


How We’re Different

The Kickbox team has been building email technology for the last twelve years in the anti-spam, anti-virus, and email privacy industries. During this time, we built our own email network, which sends and receives millions of legitimate emails each hour. Kickbox leverages this email network to provide highly accurate, up-to-date results at a competitive price.


Next Steps

1. Create your Kickbox account.


2. Navigate to the “Verify” page within your Kickbox account. Click the green “Add List” button or simply drag and drop your email list (xls, xlsx, or csv) to begin importing. When the list is ready, you will see a “Purchase” button to buy the credits you need to begin the verification process.



3. Once you have purchased your credits, you can begin processing your list. The credits you buy don’t expire until they’re used and can even be used to verify email addresses using our real-time API.


4. When your list completes, click on the green “Download” button that appears in the right-side panel when you select your list. The default option here will be to automatically unsubscribe or suppress the Undeliverable, Risky, and Unknown email addresses from your GetResponse list.


5. To customize your results, select the blue “Filter” button to filter Risky results. This way you can control which email addresses you’d like to keep in addition to your Deliverable results.


How To Verify An Email List Using the Kickbox + GetResponse Integration