FormDesigner - online web form constructor of any complexity


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Author: Formdesigner

Latest update: December 28, 2016


FormDesigner – online web forms creator of any complexity where you can create your desired web form without any problems, that will be the most adapted for your site and your needs. Simple and intuitive interface allows the designer to create a web form in just a few minutes, and a built-in “design tool” form allows you to customize the appearance of your form in the real time.

How it works

Integration FormDesigner and GetResponse allows you to collect your subscriber list using various forms on your site, whether it is a feedback form, order form or voting. Every time the user fills in the web form its data will be automatically transmitted to the GetResponse and it will be signed at the appropriate campaign list.

How to integrate.

1) Sign up for FormDesigner site and create a desired web form using drag & drop form constructor.

2) Go to the tab “Modules” and find the “GetResponse” module

3) Click “Add”, then you’ll get a pop-up window with the module settings

4) Enter your API key and click on the “Sync”. If you entered the correct key, the system will show you additional module settings.

5) Fill in the missing information and click on the “Save” button.
This FormDesigner integration and GetResponse is ready. For more information about this integration, please visit this link   .
If you have any questions or suggestions, this integration please send us a message on this page.