Post newsletters on your Facebook wall - automatically.


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Latest update: October 12, 2011

Facebook Integration

Give your newsletters more social power and extend their “lives” across the global network by announcing them on your Facebook wall.

Following a huge demand for email-and-social integrations, we’ve come up with a perfect way in which you can extend the reach of your newsletters to new audiences, boost your brand exposure and create more buzz – all from one place – your GetResponse account.


Simply Add your Facebook account and enable the newsletter announcements via Facebook in the first step of creating your newsletter in the message editor by shifting the Publish & Share button to ON. That’s all you need to do.



From now on, every time your newsletter is sent out, the notification (and link to your email archive) will be automatically posted on the selected Facebook accounts and Fan Pages, allowing all your contacts to get it and pass it on.


You can add more than one account and manage them all from your account settings  – Integrations tab (if you’re not using the new editor this is where you add accounts, too).



Add multiple Facebook accounts and Fan Pages and share the newsletters on all of them, or select various combinations of accounts and Fan Pages for various campaigns.


Learn more on how to edit your Facebook web forms and avoid some common traps at our blog, or review our comprehensive FAQ to learn more about the Facebook integration.