Turn your Batchbook contacts into enthusiastic customers.


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Latest update: January 24, 2012

Batchbook Integration

Give your email campaigns a kick with a whole new surge of contacts. Integrate accounts and enjoy seamless data flow.

Simply get your account name (which is the first part of your Batchbook URL, e.g.: https://youraccountname.batchbook.com) and Batchbook account API key (to find it log in to your Batchbook account, go to Your Account and scroll down to Integration window on the right) and paste them in your GetResponse integrations panel, Batchbook drop-down. Now select the custom fields that you want to import, choose the campaign, and start the import.





That’s it. Your Batchbook account is authorized and your contacts download automatically. You won’t need to lift a finger again, as updates for your contact lists are run automatically every seven days. Every week all the new emails addresses will be added to your campaign, up to 10,000 addresses at once. If you decide to import the contacts to a different campaign, simply deactivate the present one and select a new one.