Prompt sales by adding the BuyNow button to your mailings.


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Author: PayPal integrator

Latest update: October 12, 2011

PayPal Integration

Integrate your GetResponse account with your PayPal services account and maximize your conversion rate.

Extend the reach of your newsletters and start building new relationships right away by turning your PayPal customers into email subscribers the moment they complete a sale.



Add a GetResponse notification URL into the Instant Payment Notifications settings. Then create a BUY NOW button and add your campaign as a custom value in the third step during the button creation. And that’s it! Now, whenever the generated button or URL is clicked it will launch the PayPal transaction and in the same time add the contact into your GetResponse campaign, significantly minimizing the time and resources necessary for a subscriber to convert.


For more information, see How do I add contacts after they use a PayPal “Buy now” button on my website?